Religious matters are all about what people believe in and how they practice their faith. It includes things like going to church, mosque, temple, or synagogue, praying, reading religious texts, and following moral rules. These matters are important because they help people understand their purpose in life, how to behave, and what happens after death according to their faith. They also bring people together as a community and give them comfort during tough times. However, sometimes religious matters can cause disagreements or fights when different beliefs clash. Overall, religious matters are about beliefs, practices, and their impact on people's lives.

Religious Matters is a series where I delve into the perspectives of various members of religious communities to understand what their faith signifies to them and their group. Through interviews and discussions, I seek to uncover the personal significance of their beliefs, rituals, and communal practices. By exploring diverse viewpoints within different religions, I aim to shed light on the multifaceted ways in which faith shapes individual lives and fosters community cohesion. Ultimately, this series strives to promote understanding, respect, and appreciation for the richness of religious diversity and its impact on society.  

The Anglican Church.
Reverend Adam Denley of St.John’s Church.

Evangelical Alliance.
Pastor James Coombs of South Kent Community Church.