Newbiggin-by-the-Sea 2010
Warning: Expletive Language (lots of it).

The following audio footage was recorded in Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in 2010. This audio is of a group of Geordie pigeon men congregating in a pigeon loft (shed) chatting over their ritualistic daily cup of tea where they reminisce and laugh a lot from times past.

The pigeon loft is an integral part of the pigeon man’s community. It’s a roof with 4 walls that offers them a private sanctuary from everyday life, and where they can focus on their birds and hang out with their mates.
It's often a place where great debates are held, quantities of tea are drunk, and their humorous take on life takes place.
Subjects covered: Falconry - big heads - heart attacks - snake bites - ferrets - chickens - dog shit - charities - bird semen - old age - pigeon racing - sea coal - ferrets - old friends - black scorpions - iguanas - Sultan of Qatar - marriage - dog sick - RSPCA - the Toon - dying - ferreting with princes - broken cars - drinking tea - hospitals and a lot more.

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Text by Rod Adams ISBN 9781908457448 Hardback with printed cover Duotone: 270 x 290mm (landscape) 156pp