Ruby Mining Most of the ruby mines are located in the densely forested areas. Cambodia is one of the most dangerous areas in the world to mine mainly due to landmines.  Miners will use high pressure water aimed directly at the ground to break up the earth into smaller, more manageable chunks. The water also helps serve to begin to loosen the chunks and create mud. The mud then goes through a piece of equipment that separates the materials based on weight, so anything that is light will be washed away, leaving the heavy pieces to be inspected more closely.

Cambodian Mine Action Center (CMAC) CMAC was established during the United Nations Transitional Authority in Cambodia (UNTAC) in 1992, in order to assist the safe return of thousands of refugees to their homelands across the country. Recognizing that the large number of landmines and UXO across Cambodia was a significant threat to post conflict reconstruction and continuing development, CMAC became an autonomous national organization in 2000 and developed a series of programs including landmine awareness, landmine field information, landmine and UXO clearance and training in landmine clearance to achieve the safe transition to peace and security for the people of Cambodia. CMAC